Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Knitting Adventure

When I went to Baltimore with my husband a few years ago I found a charming little yarn store named A New Yarn in the Fell's Point neighborhood.   I had called the store before I went for directions so I wouldn't get lost trying to find it.  Getting there was fun...  I walked to the waterfront from our hotel and caught a water taxi to Fell's Point and then walked a few blocks in the beautiful historic neighborhood.  For us west coast natives the history and charm of east coast cities is a revelation.  We think 50 years is old for a building ;)
I found the store and in the window was the cutest baby sweater.  I wanted to buy the pattern, but sweater had been knit by the store's owner, Lorraine, and she hadn't written up a pattern. She was kind enough to let me photograph the sweater and then she let me take notes while she explained what she had done.  She is a talented knitter and her store is a gem.  If you're in Baltimore you will enjoy looking her up.
The top picture is my take on her pattern.  The bottom picture is hers and the one that was hanging in her window (look closely at the picture of her shop and you will see it hanging there).  You can see from the picture of the outside of her shop what a charming neighborhood Fell's Point is.
Both sweaters are knit with Cascade Luna and because of the crimp the yarn has a great bouncy feel for cotton.  I really enjoyed knitting with it and will use it again.  I knitted the sweater for a patient of mine, also named Lorraine, for her granddaugher.

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Jennifer Kratz said...

This was the trip for the Brain Injury thingy Paul had to go to? I rememeber that :) I didn't know that was where you got the pattern, or didn't quite get it but improvised it as the case may be. Thats really neat.

I can't wait til you get to the post of my poncho and purse, and dylans sweater and my gloves! Oh and my booties and my scarves and....geez you could have a blog based on just the stuff you knit for me!

I miss my gloves :( not the cold, but the gloves