Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mitts For a Friend

We're snowed in...  maybe I should say iced in.  When it snows in Seattle the big problem is always the icy roads.  Ice on a hill is very dangerous and we live on and are surrounded by hills just like everyone else around here. 

Anyhow, the nice thing about being homebound is I get to knit and fool around with yarn to my heart's content.  I just took pictures of these cozy mitts I made for my potter friend, Jean.  They are a gift for her 60th birthday last month.  I had one done when I went to her birthday dinner so at least she got to see her present on her birthday!  I was in the middle of painting my living room and my knitting time was seriously diminished by that project.  Anyhow I've got them done but I can't get them to Jean this week because all our plans have been cancelled by the snowy, icy, very cold weather.  

I knit up these generic mitts (I used a mitten pattern for the basic shape and and changed it to please myself) with Classic Elite Moorland in tawny birch and some left over Paca-Peds in fireside as an accent on the ribbing.  I used the Moorland for my friend, Sally's, neckwarmer and I loved it so here it is again.  The Paca-Peds if left over from, the now famous in certain circles, Mikey's sox.

Fingerless mitts are one of those things I just didn't get until I had a pair of my own. Sometimes you want  to warm your hands a bit and keep your fingers available.  These little mitts are the perfect way to keep busy fingers free.