Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Scarf for Sweetie

Paul loves his new scarf!  It is a great match with his gold barn coat that he wears on the island all the time.  I knit it up with Manos Silk Blend in color #300X.  It is a gorgeous coppery gold color (they call it Topaz) that the pictures really do not do justice to.  I loved knitting with this 30% silk 70% merino blend.  Paul is sensitive to wool and this blend feels great on his neck. The silk gives it a slight sheen that makes the color glow.  I knit it with US size 6 needles in the same rib as Mikey's scarf (see my November 18th "Cashmere & Alpaca" entry for the pattern).  The scarf is handsome and just chunky enough to be masculine. Sweetie is a manly man and he could make a pink lace scarf look manly ;)  If you look carefully at the picture Paul took of himself using his webcam you can see me in the background spinning :)