Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mitts for Jenny K.

I knitted these beautiful fem mitts for my niece Jenny in February and according to Jenny they are loved :)  I found the pattern (and the stolen picture) at the Rainey Sisters (FREE pattern). They are a fun knit and I did get to learn a few skills.  I have to admit that I knit the right mitt 2 times.  I figured out the graphing and counting on the chart when I had to move the thumb gusset to the other side...  that's when I realized I had done it wrong on the right mitt :(  When I finished up the left and saw how much prettier it looked done the right way I started ripping and redid the right one so I could send Jenny a perfect set.  Now that I've figured it out I think it is an easy pattern.    I made them out of Baby Uhl which was the perfect weight and the perfect yarn for Jenny since she is laundry challenged ;)

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Jennifer Kratz said...

:) I DO LOVE these wonderful gloveys. They keep my hands warm while my fingers are still free to bead, type, read and dozens of other tasks normally impossible with full gloves. PLUS....HEARTS!!