Saturday, June 28, 2008


Birgitta is the loved teacher of many knitters, myself included.  Years ago after knitting 30+ scarves I wanted to knit something else and learn more.  I was lucky enough to find Birgitta at my local knitting store.  I started taking classes and she gave me the help and confidence I needed to venture on.  Whenever I asked Birgitta if she thought I could do something she said yes and I believed her...  so I did it. Another bonus of being in Birgitta's Tuesday morning group was that I met my knitting buddy, Claudia.  So here we are on Thursday lucky enough to be knitting together and eating pastries from Hoffman's Bakery at the wonderful store, A New Yarn, that Claudia is now managing.  Birgitta's life has led her back to her native country, Sweden, and I can tell you she is missed by many.  We are so happy she comes back to visit :)

P.S.  Yes indeedy I am holding up a spindle with yarn I spun myself!  More on that later.

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Jennifer Kratz said...

I can personally attest to what a lovely day we had with Bergitta! I was inspired to knit something new and well....much easier to complete!

p.s. did Val forget to mention the goodies we scored? Because Dylan didn't get a chance to enjoy his hat before little sister Keira got her hands on it and claimed it for her own!