Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hunter Gatherer Camo Sox

My friend, Ricky, is a hunter gatherer type. He is really handy too. He has made birdhouses for me, given me his homemade jam, homemade applesauce, smoked salmon (which of course he caught himself) and sausage made from elk that he hunted. He has helped me plant crocosmia at the back of the barn and hunted down and helped me kill tent caterpillars that were on the willow down at the end of the meadow. So I think you'll agree that Ricky is a good friend to have :)

I made these camo sox for him to say thanks for all the nice things he does for me. I hope he likes them and wears them while he hunts and gathers and all of the other things he does to keep himself out of trouble.

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