Thursday, April 23, 2009

Marita's Coat

Marita's coat is all about the sleeves...  when she saw the sleeves she just had to have it!  So she bought the yarn, Lion Brand super-chunky "Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in the wheat color,  and I knitted it for her as a birthday gift even though I hate knitting with acrylic.  I will admit that the price for the yarn was great but I did NOT enjoy knitting with it. 

The pattern is called Long Coat designed by Pierrot and it is a Vogue pattern.  I tried to find which issue it came from but I never did figure it out. She copied it from a friend's old magazine and gave it to me with the yarn.  I like the pattern and it was easy to knit.  I may make it again for myself in a larger size in alpaca and add some big patch pockets.  The alpaca would be heaven to knit with and I think that along with the larger size would give the garment better drape.  

Marita loves her coat and that makes me very happy :)

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Jennifer Kratz said...

I had no idea you posted! I've been so behind on my blog reader I just got to the knitting section, and low and behold!

I love the pic of marita with her arms out, I instantly got the song 'stop in the name of love...' by I think the supremes, stuck in my head. :)

Pockets?'ll have to show me a picture of what the pockets will look like. I think the coat is so chic now, I can't picture the pockets yet. I need imagery! :)

I also love that my beady mess is in the background of Marita sitting at the table. I always manage to weasel my way into your blog. Hee Hee Hee.