Saturday, March 21, 2009

EmKnitz Too!

This is Emiley and Shane, my niece and nephew who live in Arizona.  Paul & I just got back from a visit.  While we were there I taught Em how to knit and she was an amazing student! She was attentive, quick to understand, focused, diligent...  I have to say brilliant :)  While we were there she learned to knit and finished her first two projects:  1: a small pink square that became the "cleaning cloth" for her Nintendo hand held & 2:  this lovely pink scarf.  This picture was taken at a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix last Sunday.  It was 90 degrees out but Em just had to wear her new scarf.  

Shane took on the needles too after sharing his personal knitting device with me.  He has a circular thing with pegs on it that he wraps yarn around and then lifts loops over yarn  with a little tool thingy.  He makes hats and scarves with it and says that some kids like sports but he is happy with no injuries and something cool that will last ;)  He tried his hand with Em's needles and he almost has it.  I have faith that he will be a brilliant knitter too if he wants to be :)  How cool.   

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Jennifer Kratz said...

We sure have some good lookin, creative, intelligent, ingenius genetics. :)