Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kid Stuff

These adorable children belong to my niece and nephew, Jeanie & Jesse. Jesse is JennyK's brother and she is in love with these kids.  While she was visiting for Christmas she helped me with ideas of what the kid's might like and I came up with a purse for Kiki, a hat for Dilly and a scarf for Chanze. Please note the cute little orange scarf that Jenny made for Dylan to match his hat (she learned how to purl!).  The purse and scarf were made up as I went but the cute little earflap hat is my version of an Nicky Epstein pattern that I found in my Family Circle easy Baby Knits book.  I found all the yarn for these projects in my stash and it was a great way the spend the week we were all snowed in for Christmas.  


Jennifer Kratz said...

I am, I really am. SO IN LOVE!! Them some damn cute kids, admit it. Momma Jeanie has informed me that Dylan has fallen in love himself, with his goofy hat. He plays with it all the time. Wears it around the house, and Kiki has taken to playing with all the assorted knitted scarves that have converged on their home. :)

deltamaster said...

Hi, babe :-)

-The Hubster