Sunday, November 16, 2008

Real Men Love Handknit Socks Too

How irresistable is he?  My brother, Mikey, was admiring these socks again while I was finishing them during his recent visit from Pennsylvania.  Mike & I saw each other in Florida in September where we met up with our other brothers for a wake...  our dad passed away on September 2nd.  I miss him every day.  These socks were the project I took with me on that trip.  I needed something portable and mindless for the plane and while I was there.  So Mike saw these socks on my needles in Florida when they were just a few inches big.  I didn't get very far with them on the trip because I just couldn't stay focused.   When he admired them again as I completed them I had him try them on and they fit perfectly and he was so nice with his compliments and seemed to REALLY like them.  So of course I had to give them to him. Doesn't he look adorable?

I knit my standard plain sock on size 2 turbo addis with Paca-Peds alpaca blend superwash in color #604, fireside.  This beautiful yarn was a gift from my knitting buddy, Claudia.  You can find her at A New Yarn in Seattle.  If you haven't been there and you're in the area go check it out....  you never know what treasures and fab deals you might find there.  

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