Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Kiss Purse

Pattern: Kiss Purse
Needle: US 6 Turbo Addi Circulars (my favorite needles)
Here is another great Sally Melville pattern. This is my first stranded color project and yes I used both hands! I was so fascinated by the color progression of the Noro that I made quick progress because I hated to put it down. This is a GREAT first stranded color project... especially if you use the Noro because you get lots of gorgeous color with only 2 strands, the chart is an easy 10-stitch/8-row repeat, and because you knit in the round no purling just knitting. I over felted a little so my bag is on the small side but I love it and it makes a perfect petite project bag. I often use it to carry a sock-in-progress when we go to Friday Harbor.


Nancy said...

Pic doesn't do it justice. I think you ought to give it to me, though.

Nancy said...

Nevermind, pic looks perfect when enlarged.

Jennifer Kratz said...

I didn't quite understand what most of this post was about, lacking the knitting knowledge :) But I do have to say I LOVE the color that peaks through, kinda like little kisses :)