Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barbie's Blanket

Today is the first day of my knitting blog.  I will admit my successes, mistakes and frustrations here.  Of course there will be plenty of pictures since I am not really a writer.  

I’m starting with a success.  The above picture is one of my all time favorite projects:  a baby blanket for my friend, Barbie.  When her first granddaughter, Grace, was born I wanted to make something beautiful for her and this is what she got.  The blanket is my interpretation of a pattern I found in the book, Family Circle easy Baby Knits.  The name of the pattern is “Tickled Pink”.  I changed up the colors and added the crocheted shell border and pom pom centers.  I also crocheted all the squares together in my accent color because it seemed so much easier (not to mention more fun) than sewing them together.  I confess that it was VERY hard to give the blanket to Barbie...  I wanted to keep it for myself to fondle and gaze upon (you knitters know exactly what I mean).


deltamaster said...

Nice blogsite, Val! Cool colors and, wow, what a beautiful blanket!

Jennifer Kratz said...

Oh no! I have a feeling you're gonna beat my blog out! :) You're definately more dedicated than I am.

I LOVE the start, lemme know if you need any help (considering you live with Paul I doubt you will, but the offer stands)

Jennifer Kratz said...

wheres the orange? I was expecting red or orange... :) OH! or TEAL/AQUA

Nancy said...

So far, so good! I am amazed at what you've done. I guess we don't talk "knitting" so much. I will keep checking back to see MORE!